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Thursday, April 15, 2010

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Mozilla Firefox - the browser works very quickly, and the speed of apparent not only during loading of Web pages, but when looking at bookmarks and history. Made it through the engine, and Mozilla allows you to view all web pages in one window mnogovkladochnom and also has many other useful options, including the ability to significantly enhance connectivity plug-ins (and released their great number).

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Features of Mozilla Firefox:

"Pop-Up Blocker (born pop-up)
"Tabbed browsing (born tabbed browsing) (multiple pages in one window)
"Built-in search bar in search engines and dictionaries
"The so-called" Live Bookmarks "(born Live bookmarks) - mechanism for integrating RSS-flows
"Ample opportunities for setting up the behavior and appearance
"Support for multiple extensions
"Built-in tools for web developer
"Automatic updates of both the browser and its extensions (version 1.5)
"Display content at once (makes it comfortable to continue surfing even with incomplete page loads, which is particularly noticeable on a slow connection and a large number of embedded objects)
Pop-up Blocker
You will no longer annoying pop-up windows that open when you visit many sites. You can manually specify which sites allow pop-ups, but with what not.
You are spared from the various spyware programs, as well as elements of ActiveX. You can independently control their privacy, flexibility to manage their personal data. The browser allows you to instantly remove the traces of their stay in the network.
Smart Search
Search Bar, located next to the line input allows you to search any data in the global network. You can use multiple search engines.
Live Bookmarks
Support for RSS is built into the browser. Create live bookmarks and keep up with all the latest happenings in the world.
A single repository for the magazine and bookmarks
Add site to bookmark, thanks to the yellow star in the address bar, it is now possible with one click. Manage Bookmarks, and standardized and implemented in a single dialog box. Select the required options become more convenient due to the presence of special groups recently added bookmarks, and most frequently visited websites.
Intellectual Lilly
As soon as you start typing the address immediately a window appears with the tips, where the bold type shows all matches. The window contains a list of previously visited sites. String correctly responds not only to the addresses of sites, but also on their titles, which greatly simplifies and speeds up input. They are displayed in the window with a history of previously opened websites. Even if you do not remember the exact address and name of the resource will tell you the true path.
Quick and easy downloading files
Completely redesigned download manager allows pumps a file after a disconnection. The status bar always shows the number of received files and the approximate time until the download is complete.
Automatic Updates
You no longer need to manually download new versions of the browser as they are released. The system updates automatically download a small patch the size of a few hundred kilobytes, saving you time.
Optimal base composition
Simple, intuitive browser has everything that you may need in everyday life. Bookmarks magazine, full-screen mode, zoom text and much more - all this takes place in Mozilla Firefox.
Mozilla Firefox - the most scalable and flexible customizable browser on the planet. You can customize the toolbar to put additional expansion modules and themes. Like the telescopic fishing-rod, Mozilla Firefox can be converted from a small compact browser amazingly multifunctional tool to explore the World Wide Web.
Developer's best friend
Mozilla Firefox includes a built-in console error notifications on web pages. Additional extensions like Firebug, you can easily develop and debug web pages.

Used extensions: [68]
- AbcTajpu 1.6.7
- Adblock Plus 1.1.3
- Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper 1.0.6
- AddThis 3.0.1
- AniWeather 0.7.4
- Answers 2.3.54
- Auto Copy 1.0.1
- AutoPager
- Better Gmail 2 1.1.1
- Better GReader 0.8.3
- BetterCache 1.24
- Billeo
- ColorfulTabs 4.3
- CoolPreviews 3.0.1
- Copy Link Text 1.4.6
- CuteMenus - Crystal SVG 1.9.3
- CyberSearch 2.0.5
- Dictionary Switcher 1.0.1
- Download Manager Tweak 0.9.2
- Download Statusbar
- DownThemAll! 1.1.9
- Facebook Toolbar 1.4.3
- Favicon Picker 3 0.5
- Feed Sidebar 4.3.1
- Feedly 2.14
- Firefox Showcase
- FireFTP 1.0.7
- FireShot 0.80
- Flagfox 4.0.3
- FoxLingo 2.6.1
- FoxTab 1.3
- Friendbar 4.0.3
- Google Shortcuts 1.9.2
- IMacros for Firefox
- Integrated Gmail 2.5.5
- Creator 0.2.2
- Lazarus: Form Recovery 2.0.5
- Menu Editor 1.2.6
- MR Tech Toolkit 6.0.4
- Multiple Tab Handler (treatment group tabs) 0.5.2010032801
- MultirowBookmarksToolbar 4.9
- NoScript
- Organize Status Bar 0.6.4
- Personal Menu 4.3.2
- Picnik 2.3
- Pixlr Grabber 2.0.3
- Qtl 14.1
- Quick Locale Switcher
- QuickProxy 2009.07.19
- Read It Later 2.0.3
- ReminderFox 1.9.7
- RSS Ticker 3.0.4
- Russian spellchecking dictionary 0.4.3
- ScrapBook 1.3.7
- SearchPreview 4.2
- Secure Login 0.9.3
- StumbleUpon 3.63
- Tab Mix Plus
- Tab Preview 0.3
- Tab Sidebar 2.5
- Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO) 2.0
- TinEye Reverse Image Search 0.7.1
- Update Scanner 3.1.2
- VideoSurf Videos at a Glance 0.71
- Weave Sync 1.1
- WikiLook 2.5.5
- WOT 20091028
- Xmarks 3.5.10

The switching extensions: [1]
- Russian (RU) Language Pack 3.0.10

The total number of extensions: 69

Installed Themes: [1]
- Standard

Installed Plugins: (6)
- Java (TM) Platform SE 6 U10
- Microsoft DRM
- Mozilla Default Plug-in
- Shockwave Flash
- Shockwave for Director
- Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library

Size : 24.2 MB


Password (If need ):

Download Windows 7 (Seven) Ultimate Edition Fully Activated

Windows 7 is the easiest, fastest, and most engaging version of Windows yet. Better ways to find and manage files, like Jump Lists and improved taskbar previews, help you speed through everyday tasks. Faster and more reliable performance means your PC just works the way you want it to. And great features like HomeGroup and Windows Touch make new things possible. Get to know Windows 7, and see how it can simplify just about everything you do with your PC.
If you want to run Windows 7 on your PC, here’s what it takes:
*1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
*1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
*16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
*DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

- Download and extract using WinRAR.
- Use NERO to burn the ISO image called “faXcooL.Windows.7.Ultimate.ENG.x86-x64.ACTiVATED”
- Burning speed should not be faster than 4x. Otherwise, it might not work.
- Restart your computer.
- Make sure you’ve seleceted your DVD-ROM/RW drive as a first boot device

Download :

Monday, March 29, 2010

Download 1CLICK DVD Converter

1CLICK DVD Converter 7.55 Mb

1CLICK DVD Converter™ converts DVD movies and episodes quickly and easily to video files for: iPod®, iPhone®, Apple TV®, Archos, Creative Labs Zen, Generic DivX, Microsoft Zune (MPEG-4) and Sony PSP. CPRx™ error correction technology ensures the highest level of success when converting the latest generation of DVDs. You can convert all your favorite DVDs with just one click. Unlike other software with complex settings and multiple steps, 1CLICK DVD Converter™ is easy to use. Movie and episode detection is automatic and doesn't require you to preview or try and guess which files to include. Just click the Start button and return to find your DVD converted.

Key Features:

* CPRx™ technology for converting newer DVD movies.
* Supports many popular video players such as iPod®, PSP and Archos.
* Automatically selects the movie and adjusts the settings for best results.
* Automatically converts episodes to a single file per episode.
* Blazing fast encoding - 3X faster than other types of encoders.
* Supports zoom for wide-screen to full-screen conversion.
* Video preview shows you exactly what the video will look like.
* Quality slider makes quality and file size adjustments easy.
* Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies.
* Convert DVDs movies to DivX® compatible video files.
* Supports subtitle language selection.
* Windows Vista Compatible.
* Free software updates for a year.
* Free technical support.

Download :

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Download Eset Smart Security 4.0

Rapidshare or Megaupload

Eset Smart Security 4.0

Eset Smart Security 4.0
ESET SMART SECURITY 4.0.437 x32 x64 + License updater

Eset Smart Security offers more than just a sum of its parts it is synergy that matters most. If all components are used simultaneously, the effectiveness of the whole program is multiplied. ESET Smart Security unifies all its functions to create a complex security solution.

35 MB | Rapidshare - Megaupload - Hotfile

Download Eset Smart Security 4.0 x32

Rapidshare - Megaupload - Hotfile

Download Eset Smart Security 4.0 x64

Rapidshare - Megaupload - Hotfile

Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5

Rapidshare or Megaupload

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 

Corel DRAW Graphics Suite X5
Corel DRAW Graphics Suite X5 15.0

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 lets you tackle creative graphics and design projects with confidence. Precision tools, market-leading file compatibility and high-quality content help you turn your creative ideas into professional results: from distinctive logos and signs, to striking marketing materials and eye-catching web graphics. Precision tools, market-leading file compatibility and high-quality content help you turn your creative ideas into professional results: from distinctive logos and signs, marketing materials to striking and eye-catching Web graphics.

500 MB | Rapidshare - Megaupload - Hotfile

Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Rapidshare

Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Megaupload

Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Hotfile

Thursday, March 25, 2010


ComboFix Icon
ComboFix Icon

Combofix | Removes Malware,Spyware...

Combofix is a freeware (a legitimate spyware remover created by sUBs), Combofix was designed to scan a computer for known malware, spyware (SurfSideKick, QooLogic, and Look2Me as well as any other combination of the mentioned spyware applications) and remove them.
ComboFix allows the manual removal of spyware infections . It 's a specialized effective cleaning tool, which is useful compared to other malware and spyware removers.
After Combofix finished,a report will be created. You can use this report to search and remove infections which are not automatically removed.


Download WinStep Xtreme 8

Rapidshare or Megaupload

WinStep Xtreme 8

WinStep Xtreme 8
WinStep Xtreme 8.11

WinStep Xtreme An integrated workspace environment, Winstep Xtreme is a powerful suite of applications that merge incredible usability and performance with breathtaking eye candy.Transforms your desktop Lets you have a desktop that becomes the envy of whoever looks at it? everybody loves a pretty face!Organizes your Applications and Reduces Desktop ClutterWinstep Xtreme allows you to eliminate the huge clutter from your desktop and quickly organize the applications and documents you use more frequently.

20 MB | Rapidshare - Megaupload

Download WinStep Xtreme 8

Rapidshare - Megaupload

Download Visual Task Tips 3.4

Rapidshare or Megaupload

Task Tips 3.4

Visual Task Tips 3.4
Visual Task Tips v 3.4

Visual Task Tips is a lightweight shell enhancement utility. It provides thumbnail preview image for each task in the Windows Taskbar, as seen in the upcoming Microsoft Windows Vista.

62 KB | Direct link - Rapidshare

Direct Download

Download From Rapidshare

Download Ad-Aware Pro 8.2

Rapidshare or Megaupload

Ad-Aware Pro 8.2

Ad-Aware Pro Internet Security 8.2
Ad-Aware Pro Internet Security 2010 v8.2

Ad-Aware Pro is Lavasoft's solution to combat the most extreme forms of malware and cyber threats, including protection against viruses, spyware, keyloggers, Trojans, rootkits, password stealers, bot networks, and drive-by downloads. An advanced solution that won't load down system resources, Ad-Aware Pro is the optimum security tool for today's small businesses.

101 MB | Rapidshare - Megaupload - Hotfile

Ad-Aware Pro 8.2

Download Ad-Aware Pro 8.2

Rapidshare - Megaupload - Hotfile

Download AutoCAD 2010

Rapidshare or Megaupload

AutoCAD 2010

Autodesk AutoCAD 2010
Autodesk AutoCAD 2010 x32 x64

Autodesk AutoCAD Design and shape the world around you with the powerful, flexible features found in AutoCAD design and documentation software, one of the world's leading 2D and 3D CAD tools. Speed documentation, share ideas seamlessly, and explore ideas more intuitively in 3D. With thousands of available add-ons, AutoCAD software provides the ultimate in flexibility, customized for your specific needs. It's time to take design further. It's time for AutoCAD.

1.5 GB | Rapidshare - Megaupload

Download AutoCAD 2010 x32

Download AutoCAD 2010 x32 Rapidshare

Download AutoCAD 2010 x32 Megaupload

Download AutoCAD 2010 x64

Download AutoCAD 2010 x64 Rapidshare

Download AutoCAD 2010 x64 Megaupload


1.Install Autodesk AutoCAD 32/64 Bit
2.Use as Serial 666-69696969, 667-98989898, 400-45454545 .. or anything matching this template
3.Use as Product Key 527B1 or 462B1 (read below)
4.Finish the installation & restart Autodesk Product
5.Choose to Activate
6.Once at the activation screen: Start XFORCE Keygen 32/64bits
7.Click on Mem Patch (you should see succeeded)
8.Copy the request code into the keygen and press generate
9.Now copy the activation code back to the activation screen and click Next
YOu have a fully registered autodesk product

Download XP Media Center SP3

Rapidshare or Megaupload

XP Media Center SP3

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 SP3
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 SP3

Windows XP Media Center 2005 can take the PCs you build for your customers from the desk/office to the places they belong: the living room, the bedroom, and virtually any place where people go to enjoy home entertainment. Designed to become the central digital media hub in any entrainment system, Windows Media Center 2005 brings exciting new features to the operating system such as: HD TV Tuner Support, Dual TV Tuner Support, Enhanced DVD-Burner / DVD Writer Support including Direct to DVD Recording, Caller ID (Screen Pop) support and much more.

700 MB | Rapidshare - Megaupload

Download Windows XP Media Center Edition

Download Windows XP Media Center Edition Rapidshare

Download Windows XP Media Center Edition Megaupload



No Need For Activation

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Download Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra 3D v10.0.1516.51 (Pre-activated)

It is a suite of advanced video and audio enhancement technologies such as the "TrueTheater HD" that up-scales DVD video for HD-like results and the "TrueTheater Motion" that up-converts DVD video frame rates for smoother playback.

"TrueTheater Stretch" technology stretches video without image distortion, while the "TrueTheater Lighting" enhances video image for a brighter, clearer movie.

"TrueTheater Surround" creates multichannel audio output for conventional stereo speakers.

"Cinema Mode" option displays menu items and movie information in a larger format for home theater viewing on larger displays.

Cinema Mode also integrates with Microsoft Windows Media Center to provide Blu-ray Disc playback.

"FancyView" enables a navigation experience with animated, catalog-style browsing functionality.

High-Definition Playback on your PC
* Play more HD video formats like MPEG-4 AVC (H.264), MPEG-2 HD, WMV-HD, and SMPTE VC-1 file.

* Optimized for hardware acceleration:
Support for NVIDIA CUDA hardware acceleration lets you leverage the power of your NVIDIA graphics card to deliver high-definition playback.

Supported Video Formats:
* AVCHD playback
* AVCREC playback
* BD-R 1.1 playback
* BD-RE 2.1 playback
* BD Profile 1.1(Bonus View) playback
* BD Profile 2.0(BD Live) playback
* BD Profile 5.0(BD 3D) playback
* MKV playback
* FLV playback
* 3GP/3G2 playback
* MPEG-2 HD playback
* WMV-HD playback
* SMPTE VC-1 playback
* BD-ROM (Blu-ray Disc) playback
* BD-RE (Blu-ray Disc) playback
* VCPS for DVD+VR with content protection
* CPRM for DVD-VR with content protection
* External subtitles
* DVD files (DVD-Video, DVD-VR, DVD+VR) from any folder on your hard drive

Supported Audio Formats:
* Dolby TrueHD (7.1-channel)
* Dolby Digital EX (7.1-channel)
* Dolby Digital Plus (7.1-channel)
* CyberLink TrueTheater Surround
* Dolby Pro Logic IIx surround sound
* Dolby Virtual Speaker
* Dolby Headphone
* DTS 96/24
* AAC Channel support
* TrueTheater - Surround (Multi-channel Environment Impression Mode)
* TrueTheater - Surround (Virtual Speaker Mode)
* TrueTheater - Surround (Headphone Mode)
* Pitch scaling technology
* Audio equalizer presets
* Audio visualizations
* Direct 96/24 output

Playback Formats:
* New! - AVCHD playback
* New! - AVCREC playback
* New! - BD-R 1.1 playback
* New! - BD-RE 2.1 playback
* New! - BD Profile 1.1(Bonus View) playback
* New! - BD Profile 2.0(BD Live) playback
* BD-ROM (Blu-ray Disc) playback
* BD-RE (Blu-ray Disc) playback
* VCPS for DVD+VR with content protection
* CPRM for DVD-VR with content protection
* External subtitles
* DVD files (DVD-Video, DVD-VR, DVD+VR) from any folder on your hard drive

Download :


Download Hide Your IP Address 1.0

Did you know your IP address is exposed every time you visit a website? Your IP address is your online identity and could be used by hackers to break into your computer, steal personal information, or commit other crimes against you. Hide My IP allows you to surf anonymously, change your IP address, prevent identity theft, and guard against hacker intrusions, all with the click of a button.

Key Benefits & Features

Easily Conceal Your IP Address - Just click "Hide IP" and your IP is instantly hidden! Other people see a fake IP, which is not associated with your real IP. Click here to read how it works.

Hie My IP 2009 Released January ??, 2009. Now with Secure 128-Bit Encrypted Connection, many new features, and more IPs! Anonymous Web Surfing - Protect your privacy and cover your tracks! Select from one of our many fake proxy IP addresses for totally anonymous browsing.

Advanced Application Support - Hide My IP 2009 works with all major browsers and dozens of instant messengers, E-mail clients, games, and more!

Protect Your Identity and Stop Hackers - Identity thieves can use your IP addresses to compromise your computer. Installing keyloggers, Trojans, and other tools to aid their crime. Stop them at the source by hiding your IP!

Send Anonymous Emails - Hide your IP in E-mail headers. Supports Webmail services like Yahoo, Hotmail, and GMail. Mail clients supported with a Premium account include Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and more!

Un-ban Your IP From Forums, Blogs, and other Websites - By faking your IP you can often access many sites you were banned from. Use with Cookie Crumble for the most effectiveness.

Instructions On How To Patch The Program:

1. Copy and paste the patch included in this download into the installation directory you installed the program in. The default location to find the directory is:
C:\Program Files\Hide Your IP Address

2. Open the Patch and make sure 'Make Backup' is ticked. Click "patch" when ready.

3. Delete the patch from the directory once you have patched the program

4. Open Hide Your IP Address and a box will come up make sure you click Register.

5. Type in anything you want for Name, E-Mail and Serial Key boxes. Click register then OK

6. Restart Hide Your IP Address and you'll see its activated!

Download :

Download IP2Location DB18 Full Database Feb 2010

Product Summary
IP2Location™ IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-LATITUDE-LONGITUDE-ZIPCODE-TIMEZONE-ISP-DOMAIN-NETSPEED-AREACODE-WEATHER database provides a solution to determine country, region or state, city, latitude, longitude, US zip code, timezone, ISP, domain name, netspeed, IDD code, area code, weather station code and station name of any IP address in a few simple steps. First, retrieve the IP address from the networking protocol or server-side variable of the Web server. Next, translate the IP address to an IP number in decimal format to speed up the database query. Lastly, reverse lookup the IP number from the IP2Location™ database to pinpoint the exact geographical location.

Downlooad :
Download Link

Highspeed mirror, click HERE. Provider Quality
Arrow Bullet Sign up and Fast download "IP2Location DB18 Full Database Feb 2010"DA(3353 kb/s)Quality Level
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Download "IP2Location DB18 Full Database Feb 2010" from Usenet
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Download "IP2Location DB18 Full Database Feb 2010" from UseNet FREE!

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Can't Download?
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Backup download link
DOWNLOAD Free register to download UseNext downloader and install, then search it title and start downloading. UseNext is clean and can be unstalled totally. Enjoy!

Download link 2: DB18 Full Database Feb 2010.html

Download link 3: DB18 Full Database Feb 2010.rar.html


Download Rapidshare Auto Downloader v3.8.7

Rapidshare Auto Downloader v3.8.7 - [LATEST]

A software for automatic download of links for free users.
Rapidshare Auto Downloader is a handy automatic downloader for users.

Here are some key features of "Rapidshare Auto Downloader":
· Download a group of links from rapidshare (one by one).
· Download incomplete downloads until all links are downloaded.
· Autoshutdown feature
· Load and save the download list.
· Check for new versions automatically.
· Support of 3 Languages : English , Farsi , French

Download :
Download Rapidshare Auto Downloader 4.0

Rapidshare Auto Downloader 4.0 5.43 MB

Rapidshare Auto Downloader is a handy automatic downloader for users.

Here are some key features of "Rapidshare Auto Downloader":
· Download a group of links from rapidshare (one by one).
· Download incomplete downloads until all links are downloaded.
· Autoshutdown feature
· Load and save the download list.
· Check for new versions automatically.
· Support of 3 Languages : English , Farsi , French

· NET Framework

Change Log:
· Deleting incomplete downloaded files
· Adding support for links
· Adding language support for : Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Deutsch, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian

What's new:
- Some improvements to user interface.
- Adding "Clipboard Monitoring" feature.
- Skipping the filtered links. (useful for Iranian users)

Download :

Download Rapidshare Direct Download 3.2

Download :

Download Rapidshare Faster Gold Edition (2010/ENG)

Speed Aceeleration รข€“ Increases the speed of download times.
Select Server

Server selection is the primary means and allows you to get the best server to download from Rapidshare.Sometimes busy because many people are downloading files from one server.
The program will help get the best performance connectivity to the Internet via your computer.

All types of files located on Rapidshare.

Has the integration of the browser

OS: Windows All
Language: English

License: Freeware
Download :

Download All Rapidshare Tools Mar 2010

All Rapidshare Tools Mar 2010

The CD consists of the best programs and websites for easy download from RapidShare With Updates Till 2010.
FreeRapid Downloader 0.83
Rapid Media Server
RapidAssist 1.0.0
RapidBIT 1.2
Rapidshare Auto Downloader 3.7.1
RapidShare Downloader 1.4
RapidShare Leecher 2007 2.0
Rapidshare Mass Downloader 1.0
Rapidshare Queuer 2.2
Rapidshare Search Tool 2.3
RapidWareX 1.2.1
RSDownloader 2.3
RapidZuca 1.1

Download :

Hotfile Uploading Sharing Matrix

RapidShare No Limit Downloader

Features :

1. Accelerates downloads up to 500% . This can be a great help especially to dial-up users.
2. Manage all downloads via one central screen.

During download, you can pause and resume the file being downloaded, which is yet another great feature of the program. It�s a Download manager for windows.

Download Link :

RapidShare Auto Downloader 4.0 Re-Uploaded

Here are some key features of "Rapidshare Auto Downloader":

? Download a group of links from rapidshare (one by one).
? Download incomplete downloads until all links are downloaded.
? Autoshutdown feature
? Load and save the download list.
? Check for new versions automatically.
? Support of 3 Languages : English , Farsi , French


? NET Framework

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

? Deleting incomplete downloaded files
? Adding support for links
? Adding language support for : Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Deutsch, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian

Download Links :

Download RapidShare Downloader Alpha 1

Download All Rapidshare tools 2010 AIO

Download Password Recovery All In One

Lost Password Passware Kit v8.0.2514 Enterprise Edition
Act Mon Password Recovery XP 4.03
Accent Office Password Recovery
Easy Password Recovery 2.01
Accent Word Password Recovery
Elcom Soft Distributed Password Recovery v1.674
Visual Zip Password Recovery Processor v6.2
MSN and Google Talk Password Recovery v1.5
PDF Password Remover v2.5.05312006
KRy Lack Password Recovery v2.11.03
MS Access Password Recovery v1.01
FTP Password Recovery Master 1.02
Advanced Office Password Recovery ver.3.12
Advanced RAR Password Recovery
MS Outlook Express Password Recovery
LostPassword Passware Kit v8.0 Portable
Office Password Recovery Magic
ZIP Password Recovery Magic
RAR Password Recovery Magic Retail (+Portable)
RAR Password Recovery Magic
Multi Password Recovery 1.1.9 Multilanguage + Portable
Password Recovery Bundle 2010 1.30
ElcomSoft Advanced Lotus Password Recovery
Advanced PDF Password Recovery 5.02
Accent Office Password Recovery v2.31
Access Password Recover v1.01
Access Password Recovery Genie v1.80.20051008
Access Password Recovery Helper v1.60
Active Password Changer Pro v3.0.0280
Adult PDF Password Recovery v2.3.0
Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery v2.80
Advanced Office Password Recovery Pro v3.04
ElcomSoft Advanced Passsword Recovery Studio 2005 (All ElcomSoft password recovery tools in one package) *Proactive Windows Security Explorer *Advanced ZIP Password Recovery 3.54 *Advanced RAR Password Recovery 1.51 *Advanced Archive Password Recovery 2.20 *Advanced Office Password Recovery Professional 3.02 *Advanced Office Password Breaker 1.30 *Advanced PDF Password Recovery 1.48 *Advanced PDF Password Recovery Professional 2.20 *Advanced WP Office Password Recovery 1.20 *Advanced Lotus Password Recovery 2.0 *Advanced Intuit Password Recovery 1.33 *Advanced ACT Password Recovery 1.21 *Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery *Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery 2.50 *Advanced Access Password Recovery 2.5 *Advanced VBA Password Recovery Professional 1.50 *Advanced Outlook Password Recovery 1.33 *Advanced Outlook Express Password Recovery 1.20 *Advanced IE Password Recovery 1.20 *Advanced EFS Data Recovery 2.10 *Advanced Windows Password Recovery *Advanced Disk Catalog 1.51 *Advanced eBook Inscriber *Advanced eBook Explorer 1.1 *Advanced eBook Processor 2.2 *Advanced Registry Tracer v1.67 SR2
Intelore Word Password Recovery v1.0E
Passware Kit Enterprise v7.5
Password Spyer 2k v2.5
Proactive System Password Recovery V4.1.3.455
RAR Password Cracker 4.12
SeePassword v2.05
Ultimate ZIP Cracker v7.3.1.5
Visual Zip Password Recovery v6.0
Firefox Password Recovery Master 1.0
KRyLack Password Recovery v2.73.02
ZIP Password Finder v1
Cain & Abel 4.9.18-password recovery
Onekeysoft Acces Password Recovery v1.4.0.1121

Download :

Media Players Portables Collection (2009)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Digital Photography Techniques - Spring 2010
PDF | 101 pages | 43.5 Mb | English

Digital Photography Techniques features the most handy hints and tips on how to shoot quality pictures and improve your camera and digital imaging skills and is brought to you by the teams behind the highly respected What Digital Camera and Amateur Photographer magazines.

Click Here for Alternative Download Links

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If you hate the pay to FileHosts.. use the link below:

supar hide ip

Hide IP Easy | 5.71 Mb

Hide IP Easy hide your real IP with a fake one, surf anonymously, prevent hackers from monitoring your activity, and provide full encryption of your online activity, all with the click of a button.

Anonymous Surfing With Hide IP Easy
Keeping your privacy is simple and easy. Use Hide IP Easy to keep your IP address hidden, ensure your privacy, provide full encryption of your online activity, and protect your identity and other personal information against hackers, all with a simple click of “Hide IP” button.

With Hide IP Easy, you can send anonymous emails, un-ban yourself from forums, Blogs, etc. Your identity is secure, protected, and anonymized. With it, you are able to be assigned one of our many fake proxy IP addresses which can be from different countries such as United States, United Kingdom, France, etc. Hide IP Easy works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, MyIE and is compatible with all types of routers, firewalls, home networks, wireless networks and any other kind of Internet..

Key Features
• Anonymous Web Surfing
You are assigned fake IP addresses and protected from hackers who will be tricked by your fake IP instead of your real one.
• Protect Your Identity
Surf anonymously to prevent websites, identity thieves or even government from compromising your computer, tracking your online activities, tracing your exact location or intercepting your private financial information.
• Select Your Physical IP location
You decide fake IP of which country to use by choosing a country from the Choose IP Country window.
• Send Anonymous E-mails
Hide your real IP in E-mail headers. Be protected while sending emails from Yahoo!, Hotmail, GMail.
• Un-ban Yourself from Forums and Restricted Sites
Use Hide IP Easy to change your IP address and access forums and restricted sites that have ever banned you from.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Windows 7 patch Download

Download windows 7 patch absolutely working!!!!!
link here:       CLICK HERE

Download Mozilla FireFox Ultimate 2010 NEW!


Mozilla FireFox Ultimate 2010 Is A Modded Browser By Fantasy Softs, Here Are Some Of The New Features/Tools In This Browser :

- 100 Warez Forums Auto-Poster
- RapidShare/MEGAUPLOAD/HOTFILE and Many Other File-Hosting Websites (Premium) Downloader/Uploader
- RapidShare/MEGAUPLOAD/HOTFILE and Many Other File-Hosting Websites (Premium) Auto Remote-Uploader
- RapidShare Toolbar For Uploading Files and Checking The Status Of Your Premium Account, RapidPoints etc....
- Loads Pages Much Faster
- wS Downloader (Downloads Files At Max Speed)
- *****s/Serials Toolbar (*****s/Serials Listed A - Z)

Download :

Download Universal Maps Downloader v5.95

Universal Maps Downloader is a tool that help you to get small tile images from google maps, yahoo maps or microsoft maps. All downloaded small images are saved on the disk. You can view downloaded maps by Maps Viewer Or you can combine them into a big BMP map by Maps Combiner.

Download :

Password : Smartworld


Download Norton Utilities 14.0

Norton Utilities is an application suite that will provide you with the essential tools you need to optimize the performance of your Personal Computer. It finds and fixes broken registry links and damaged files, frees up disk space, reclaims system memory, accelerates startup time, and boosts application and system performance. It opens applications faster, and lets you run more of them simultaneously. Norton Utilities can help make your PC will run like new again..]

Download :

Download Salfeld Child Control 2010 v10.316.0.0

Child Control 2010 The parental control for PC and Internet, time limits, Internet content control, block folders...

Unpack, use keygen to register !

Release: Salfeld.Child.Control.2010.v10.316.0.0.Incl.Keymak er-ACME
Size: 14 MB

Download :

Download Avira Premium Security

Premium Security Suite functions and advantages:
? Protection against viruses, worms and Trojans
? Protection against expensive dialers
? Detects and deletes rootkits
? NEW: Raised scan speed
? NEW: Redesigned visual appearance
? Protection against phishing
? Protection against spyware
? Special protection against email viruses (POP 3)
? Fast updates through Premium Server
? 5 Euro donation to Auerbach Foundation
? Protection against annoying adware
? NEW: System to create a Rescue-CD
? WebGuard to surf and download safely
? Firewall included
? AntiSpam and proactive AntiPhishing
? Game Mode
? NEW: Function for Data BackUp

Download :

Download Ashampoo Anti-Malware v1.1.0

An unprotected computer is virtually an open invitation for cyber criminals, whose numbers run in the thousands on the Internet today, and can easily cause considerable damage for average users. This is why we developed Ashampoo Anti-Malware for you. Consider yourself on the safe side with state-of-the-art technology in the field of computer security. Ashampoo Anti-Malware comes with two scanners (anti-spyware and anti-virus) of renown software producers and therefore ensures your pc?s protection from online and offline threats alike. By integrating both engines in one program, the scan time is reduced significantly in comparison to two separately operating programs. Furthermore, Ashampoo Anti-Malware offers a signature check, during which a program is being checked for known malware patterns prior to each program launch (protection from over 3.000.000 current threats from the web and daily updates of the latest signatures), next to a heuristic analysis, enabling for unknown malware to be detected and blocked by means of behavior.

Ashampoo Anti-Malware provides reliable protection against the following threats: Keylogger, Trojans, Rootkits, Worms, Viruses, Bots, Dialer, Spyware, Adware, Hijacker & Tracking Cookies. For features listing visit this software?s homepage.

Release name: Ashampoo.Anti-Malware.v1.1.0.Incl.Keygen.And.Patch.WinAll-LAXiTY
Size: 82.84 mb

Download :

Download Total Commander 7.50a ExtremePack 2010.1 PowerPack & LitePack 2010.1

Total Commander 7.50a ExtremePack 2010.1 PowerPack & LitePack 2010.1 188 Mb

Total Commander - a popular file manager with almost all the necessary functions of such programs. Besides all the functionalities specific to the file managers, Total Commander built a very comfortable viewer for multimedia and graphics files, unpacking of ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE and additional dll for other zip files, using built-in ftp-client you can download / upload files to multiple streams, there are parallel downloads, support for www-proxy when using ftp and there's even a feature as connection-downloads-off at a specified time to a specified ftp. Do not be redundant and functions such as UUE / MIME / XXE encoding / decoding and cutting / gluing long files, as well as many other functions essential to work with files.

Key features:
Updated user interface;
Ability to set different colors for the background files and folders;
Edit mode and manual synchronization when you compare files by content;
A separate window with the folder tree for each of the panels - a new concept for Total Commander especially enjoy the owners of large-format monitors;
In built Lister appeared to display the cursor, centering the image and reduce the large images;
Ability to change content plugin values of the fields in the dialog change the attributes;
Journal of file operations;
Mapping drive letter in the tabs;
Support for custom columns and thumbnails of pages for the system plug-ins;
Tool group rename files, you can edit the file names directly;
Added new option in the copy dialog before overwriting files: a comparison of the contents, renaming, automatic rename, copy all the files - the larger or smaller;
We establish a maximum length of command line;
Sorting several attributes (columns): Ctrl Click on the additional column;
AutoFill command line, current directory, copy dialog etc.;
Using a combination of Shift Del to delete unnecessary items in the drop-down lists: command line, search, rename, etc.;
Secure FTP-connection via SSL / TLS (requires additional OpenSSL-library);
Customizable user commands to the main menu and hot keys;
Aliases commands (reduction) for the command line (for internal commands and external programs);
Dialogue makes it possible to rewrite a preview and custom fields;
Possibility of file operations under a user account with administrator privileges (for access to private folders, you must enter an administrator password);
Search on FTP-servers;
Creating a ZIP-archives larger than 2GB .- Creating a ZIP-archives larger than 2GB.
The composition and the differences versions of assemblies
AbiWord 2.81
AIMP 2.60.530
Audacity 1.3.11
AVZ 4.32.0124
CPU-Z 1.53.1
Defraggler 1.15.165
Dr.Web CureIt
DVDSmith Movie Backup 1.05
FastStone Image Viewer 4.0
FileZilla 3.3.1
Foxit PDF Reader 3.14.1125
GIMP 2.68
GPU-Z 0.38
HWMonitor 1.15
KMPlayer 2.94.1436
mp3DirectCut 2.11
NetWorx 5.09
Opera 10.10.1893
Orbit Downloader
Partition Wizard 4.22
PC Wizard 1.92
Recuva 1.34.460
Resource Hacker 3.40.79
TeamViewer 5.0.7687
Thunderbird 3.0.1
TrueCrypt 6.3a
USD BlackManos 13.67
uTorrent 1.85.17414
VirtualDub 1.98
Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2.1
WinDjView 1.03
XPTweaker 1.53.80
Anvir Task Manager 6.2
InstalledCodec 1.06
Internet Maniac 1.2d
Neutron 1.06
PageDefrag 2.32
PuTTY 0.60.3
TrashReg 3.81.3
Unlocker 1.88

Year: 2010
Version: 7.50a Final on 24/09/2009
Developer: Christian Ghisler
Building: SamLab
Version: 2010.1 on 25/01/2010
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: Russian English
Tabletka: key
Size: 188 MB

Download :

Download BitDefender Internet Security 2010

The BitDefender Internet Security will keep your Internet-connected family safe, without slowing down their PCs. It locks out viruses, hackers & spam, while providing parental control and firewall protection.

Here are some key features of "BitDefender Internet Security":

Confidently download, share and open files from friends, family, co-workers - and even total strangers:
· Protects against viruses and other malware using industry-leading technologyNEW
· Scans all Web, e-mail and instant messaging traffic in real-time
· Provides an unmatched detection rate of new threats based on two different proactive technologies
· Blocks spyware programs that track your online activities

Protect your identity: shop, bank, listen and watch, privately and securely:
· Blocks web pages that attempt to steal your credit card data
· Prevents personal information from leaking via e-mail, Web or instant messagingNEW

Guard your files and conversations with top-of-the line encryption:
· Instant Messaging Encryption keeps your conversations private on Yahoo! and MSN Messenger
· File Vault securely stores personal information or sensitive files

Connect securely to any network at home, at the office, or away:
· The two-way firewall automatically secures your Internet connection wherever you are
· Wi-Fi monitor helps prevent unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi network

Protect your family and their computers:
· Parental Control blocks access to inappropriate websites and e-mail
· Limits kids’ access the Internet, games, etc. to specific times
· Makes it easy for you to manage the security of your network from a single location

Play safely, play seamlessly:
· Reduces the system load and avoids requesting user
· interaction during game play

Get fine-tuned performance from your computer:
· Optimized scanning technology skips safe files for better scan speed and lower system load
· Antispam stops unwanted e-mail from reaching your Inbox
· Laptop Mode prolongs battery life

Let professionals solve any security issues:
· Assistance with common issues built directly into the product
· Free technical support for the entire duration of the product license


· Available free hard disk space: 600 MB free space
· Intel CORE Duo (1.66 GHz) or equivalent processor
· RAM:
· 1GB (Windows XP and Windows 7)
· 1.5 GB (Windows Vista)
· 600 MB available hard disk space
· Internet Explorer 7

What's New in This Release:

· More Protection!
· Many of today's stealth viruses are designed to avoid antivirus detection by initially laying dormant only to attack your PC when it is most vulnerable. BitDefender 2010 features a cutting-edge security system, Active Virus Control, which constantly monitors all of the processes on your PC, 24/7, blocking any malicious behavior before it can cause any damage.
· More Speed!
· The abundance of new viruses calls for faster ways to detect them. BitDefender's Optimized Scanning avoids the scanning of files that are known to be safe. The result? BitDefender 2010 scans your PC in half the time needed by previous versions, while using less resources.
· Easier to Use!
· Whether you're a security expert or a novice, with the new BitDefenderUser Profiles you can easily manage your PC's security. The product interface adapts to the chosen profile and provides quick access to the main security functionalities you are most likely to need (Parental Controls for parents, or Gamer Mode...

Download :

Download Norton 360 Premier Edition

Norton 360 Premier Edition is the Best All-in-One Computer Security Software.

Norton 360 Version 3.0 Premier Edition provides reliable, industry-leading protection for everything computer users care about—without sacrificing PC performance. Running quietly in the background, the Norton 360 Software stops viruses, spyware, and other online threats, delivering comprehensive protection without confusing security alerts that interrupt your computing experience.

Norton 360 Version 3 Premier software protects you from identity theft & phishing scams by verifying trusted Web sites and blocking fake ones, and its new Identity Safe securely manages logins, passwords, and other sensitive information such as credit card numbers whenever you shop, bank, or browse online. Norton 360 also helps keep PCs tuned for peak performance and protects important files by automatically backing them up and letting you restore them at any time.

Why choose Norton 360 Premier?
- Protects your PC, online activities and your identity 24/7
- NEW! Provides industry-leading security without slowing you down
- NEW! Blocks botnets
- NEW! Makes online shopping safer
- Protects your identity when you buy, bank or browse online
- Offers secure, one-click login to web sites
- Secures your browser from attacks
- NEW! Delivers up to the minute virus protection
- NEW! Protects your important files from loss
- NEW! Speeds up PC boot time
- Defends your wireless network from intruders
- Helps make your PC run like new again

Key Benefits of Norton 360 Premier:
- PC security defends against viruses, spyware, botnets, and more—protects your computer and all your online activities.
- Identity protection safeguards you against online identity theft—lets you shop, bank, and browse with confidence.
- PC tuneup keeps your PC running at peak performance—makes your computer run faster and helps keep it running like new.
- Automated backup and restore protects your important files from loss—safeguards your irreplaceable photos, movies, music, and more.

Norton 360 Premier Key Technologies:
- PC Tuneup
- Antivirus
- Antispyware
- Antiphishing
- Norton Insight
- Norton Safe Web
- Botnet protection
- Network protection
- Norton Pulse Updates
- Norton Identity Safe
- Smart Startup Manager
- Website Authentication
- Norton Browser Protection
- Online Identity Protection
- Two-way Firewall protection
- Automated backup and restore

Key Features:
Ultra fast and super light performance—Norton 360 Version 3.0 Premier Edition is the fastest and lightest, all-in-one PC protection solution available on the market today. It delivers industry-leading protection for your PC and all your online activities while using significantly fewer system resources, so it won’t slow you down:
- Startup time is less than 1 minute.
- Scans take less than 3 minutes.
- It uses less than 10 MB of memory.
- Rapid installation gets you up and running quickly in less than 1 minute.
- Norton Pulse Updates deliver up-to-the-minute protection against new threats every 5 to 15 minutes.
- Norton Insight scans only those files at risk, saving time and dramatically improving protection with faster, shorter, and fewer scans.
- Smart Startup Manager turns off unnecessary programs to accelerate PC startup time.
- Automatically performs tasks in the background and during PC idle time to eliminate interruptions and minimize any impact on PC performance.
Industry-leading PC security
Botnet detection
Norton Safe Web
Norton Identity Safe
Password Manager
Secure, one-click login
Browser Protection
Norton Pulse Update
Automated backup and restore
Network monitoring
PC Tuneup
Diagnostic recommendation
Smart Startup Manager

System Requirements:
300 MHz or faster processor
- 256 MB of RAM minimum
- 300 MB of free hard disk space
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later or Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later
(for phishing protection)
- Broadband or high speed internet connection (for online backup)
- Windows Xp Sp2 or Later OS.

Norton AntiVirus 2010 defends your PC against viruses, spyware, bots, worms, and more without slowing you down or getting in your way. Intelligence-driven technology identifies and targets only files at risk, for faster, less frequent scans.

Vulnerability Protection prevents threats from exploiting security holes in your PC's software. Pulse Updates every 5 to 15 minutes and real-time online security checks help ensure continuous, up-to-the-minute protection against the latest threats.

Download :



Download KAV/KIS Keys Tested Working


Working for :
Kav 7 - Kav 8 - Kav9
Kis 7 - Kis 8 - Kis9

Download :

Download USBsecurity.5.2.10 + Serial

USB Disk Security

100% protection against any threats via USB storage

USB Disk Security is a top-rated antivirus utility that protects your PC against threats from USB storage. We find and fix threats that your current security products missed...

Best solution to protect offline computer

Fastest and smallest antivirus software

Compatible with other security software

Compatible with all windows platforms

Very easy to use

Free upgrades

Product Highlights

100% protection against any malicious programs via USB drive
USB Disk Security uses innovative proactive technology to block any threats via USB drive. There are relatively few products available in shops or on the Internet which offer 100% protection against any malicious programs via USB drive. The majority of products are unable even to guarantee 90% protection. USB Disk Security is the world's best software to block threats that can damage your PC or compromise your personal information from USB storage. It supports USB drive, flash disk, secure digital card, thumb drive, pen drive, removable storage, ipod, and more.

The best solution to protect offline computer
Other antivirus software should update signature database regularly, and they cannot effectively protect offline computer that is not connected to the Internet. When new viruses, worms and other malicious attacks strike, traditional signatures are insufficient. Every minute one waits for a virus signature update creates a window of vulnerability that could have devastating consequences. USB Disk Security uses advanced proactive detection techniques, requires no signature updates, and closes the window of vulnerability left open by other reactive, signature-based responses.

The world's fastest and smallest antivirus software
With USB Disk Security, it¡¯s not necessary to sacrifice speed for detection and scanning. Compare antivirus software and you'll discover that USB Disk Security is by far one of the smallest applications in the industry. For example, the USB Disk Security installer is just 1 MB. The program utilizes approximately 1 to 7 MB of RAM.

Compatible with all antivirus software
Incompatibility between antivirus programs is an issue. In the vast majority of cases, installing two antivirus programs from different vendors on one machine (for increased protection) is technically impossible, as the two programs will disrupt each other's functioning. However, USB Disk Security is 100% compatible with all security software.

Simple to use
USB Disk Security has been specifically designed to perform effectively regardless of the user¡¯s level of computer expertise. Just install and forget it.

Download :

Download Loaris Trojan Remover

Loaris Trojan Remover 27.98 MB

Trojan Remover aids in the removal of Malware - Trojan Horses, Worms, Adware, Spyware - when standard anti-virus software either fails to detect them or fails to effectively eliminate them. Standard antivirus programs are good at detecting this Malware, but not always good at effectively removing it. The majority of Anti-Malware Scanners are well able to detect malicious software - Trojan Horses, Internet Worms, Adware/Spyware etc. - but are not always efficient in removing them once they have been triggered. Trojan Remover is designed specifically to disable/remove Malware without the user having to manually edit system files or the Registry. The program also removes the additional system modifications some Malware carries out which are ignored by some standard antivirus scanners. Trojan Remover scans ALL the files loaded at boot time for Adware, Spyware, Remote Access Trojans, internet Worms and other malware. Two types are available.
The Standard scan quickly scans the system with no need for further configuration of the scan parameters.The Custom scan… allows the user to select any of the folders for scan.

Are you bombarded with popup ads, seeing new toolbars in your browser, is your home page changing to unwanted destinations or are you bombarded with irritating spam? Perhaps strange software loads on startup or your favorites have new entries that YOU DONT WANT. If So.. Your PC is most likely infected with adware, spyware, spybot, trojans or another internet parasite.

These programs have the ability to track your browsing habits and even steal such personal information as bank account numbers and passwords. Spyware has the power to install more parasites on your computer without your consent. Everything you do and everything you type is being recorded right now! Companies know what your interests are! Hackers will access your PC and do anything they wish. They can even steal your Identity and You would never be the wiser!

The Solution: Download the latest version of Loaris Trojan Remover right now. You will be able to completely clean your computer of all these invasive threats! Your computer will be clean and will run alot faster - Your Privacy will be Protected!

Additional Tools:
• Reset Internet Explorer Home/Start/Search Page Settings
Some Malware programs make changes to the Internet Explorer Home, Start and Search Page settings in order to re-direct the web browser to different websites. This Utility will reset the Home/Start/Search pages to standard Defaults. You can then manually reset your Home Page to your website of choice (or leave it "blank", the default).

• Reset HOSTS file
The Windows HOSTS file is a text file which stores website addresses. The file can be used to speed up access to websites you visit often - by equating the website name (e.g. with its DNS address, the web browser can find the website more quickly as it does not have to query a DNS name Server. Some Malware programs add entries to this file, to either deny access to websites (usually security-related or antivirus company websites), or to re-direct access to websites of their choosing.

• Reset Windows Update Policies
Some Malware programs attempt to prevent Windows Update from running, and inhibit access to resetting Windows Update by blanking out the Windows Update options on the Update configuration screen. This Utility will check the current Windows Update settings and correct them where necessary.

Download :

Download Dr.Web (x32/x64)

Dr.Web® for Windows provides reliable and highly efficient protection of your system and data regardless what type of the Microsoft operating system is installed on your computer. The Dr.Web® for Windows components allow in a real time mode to detect malicious programs from any external sources.

Created in the early 90s in Russia by Igor Daniloff, Dr.Web® has always reflected its author’s basic philosophy: security means no compromise. Many innovations marked by Dr.Web has long become a standard for the AV industry, for example, cross-platform structure. Having appeared as the response to the growing threat of polymorphic viruses, Dr.Web Anti-virus still remains in the lead, always showing 100% results in the Virus Bulletin comparative reviews for this type of the most complicated viruses.
The other feature that has always distinguished the Dr.Web® anti-virus from its competitors is its low memory/resource usage, so that this AV remains unnoticeable to a user. This low footprint TOGETHER with its high detection abilities have attracted millions of users around the world to Dr.Web.

Dr.Web® for Windows main components:
* The Dr.Web® scanner with graphical interface - It scans the selected by a user objects on drives by request, detects and neutralizes viruses in memory, checks autorun files and processes.
* On-access monitor SpIDer Guard™ - It intercepts in a real time mode all accesses to files, detects and blocks suspicious behaviour of programs.
* SpIDer Mail® resident mail filter - Assures safe work with e-mail messages scanning POP3/SMTP/IMAP/NNTP protocols. Provides a top-level security for handling both Inbound and Outbound e-mail.
* The Dr.Web command line scanner - Scans selected objects on drives by request, detects and neutralizes viruses in memory, checks autorun files and processes.
* The automatic updating utility - Downloads updates of the virus bases and program modules, and also conducts a registration procedure and delivers the license or the demo key files.
* The Scheduler - Schedules automations for the anti-virus protection, for example, virus bases updates, scanning of computer drives, scanning of autorun files.

Multilevel protection of your computer by Dr.Web for Windows:
* Any files potentially dangerous for a system are scanned by the SpIDer Guard resident monitor in a real time mode immediately after they come to your computer. Any file, whether it is written from an external carrier (diskette, CD-ROM, Flash-disk, smart card and so on), or a file downloaded from another computer from the network, or a file attached to a mail message - they all will be perceived by a SpIDer Guard's watchful eye and come to a disk only after they receive a "green light" from this impartial guard.
* Any mail message sent to your e-mail address before it comes to your mail box on the local disk will be checked by the SpIDer Mail mail filter, and if nothing dangerous is found, it will be passed through. Even if the virus is hidden in the archived file, as many mail worms do now, the Dr.Web Anti-virus engine will certainly find it inside. Even the crafty trick of a password protected archive with a virus from the latest arsenal of virus writers will not pose an obstacle for the Dr.Web anti-virus. Besides, SpIDer Mail scan prevents distribution of viruses from the infected computer even if this variety of virus is not included into the virus base.
* Dr.Web for Windows can also detect and neutralize the viruses existing only in the main computer memory and which are never met in the form of files. These are notorious CodeRed and Slammer, which have overflown the world with the epidemics and caused multibillion damages.
* Finally, Dr.Web for Windows allows you, in the overwhelming majority of cases, not only to cure the infected files, but also to remove the viral traces from different elements of the system, regardless their sophisticated masquerading tricks. All these actions can be performed by the Dr.Web anti-virus engine itself, without help of any additional utilities, which must be first downloaded from the Internet and only then applied.

Download :

Download Panda Antivirus Pro 2010 9.01.00

"Panda Antivirus Pro 2010 enables you to forget about viruses, spyware, hackers"
The new Panda Antivirus Pro 2010 is the easiEST-to-use and most intuitive protection for your computer. Just install it and forget about viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers, online fraud and identity theft. Chat, share photos and videos, bank and buy online, read your favorite blogs or simply surf the Web, with complete peace of mind. And thanks to the improved Collective Intelligence technology, the solution is now much faster than previous versions.

You will also have at your disposal Tech Support 24h-365d, 24h-SOS service and the daily updates that ensure you are protected against all new threats that appear around the world. Its ease-of-use, simplicity and offer a Maximum protection with minimum Impact on your PC. New version includes Panda USB Vaccine tool.

Here are some key features of gPanda Antivirus Pro h:
- Protection against spyware. Protects your privacy by preventing spyware from being installed on your computer. The anti-spyware protection prevents this type of software from compiling data about your Internet habits and preferences.
- Protection against unknown threats. Thanks to the revolutionary TruPrevent Technologies now, more than ever, you will be protected against malware at all times.
- Protection against all types of malware. Not only are you protected against viruses. Now you have integrated protection capable of combating all types of malicious software: hacking tools, jokes, malicious cookies, viruses, etc.
- Firewall. Neutralizes network viruses and prevents possible intrusions or attacks by hackers trying to enter your computer through the Internet.
- Protection against vulnerabilities. Protects you against security holes in certain applications that could make your computer easy prey to all types of malicious software and hackers. Now you can fix vulnerabilities detected in your computer, giving you even greater security.
- Services. Enjoy the wide range of services that we offer. Now you have a whole team of IT security experts to help you resolve any queries that could arise. In addition, on our Web page, you can access the latest versions of our products and all the information you need.


+ Includes:

Identity Protect
Technical support service and automatic upgrades

Download :

Download PC Tools AntiVirus 6.1

PC and personal information. Going online without protection against the latest fast-spreading virus and worms, such as Netsky, Mytob and MyDoom, can result in infections within minutes. Once infected, the virus will usually attempt to spread itself to your friends, family and associates by accessing your email contacts and networked PCs. The infection may also allow hackers to access files on your PC, use it to launch attacks against other computers and websites or to send mass SPAM email.
That's why PC Tools AntiVirus provides world-leading protection, with rapid database updates, IntelliGuard? real-time protection and comprehensive system scanning to ensure your system remains safe and virus free. PC Tools products are trusted and used by millions of people everyday to protect their home and business computers against online threats.

Download :

Password :

Download Trojan Killer v2.0.6.2

Trojan Killer is designed specifically to disable/remove Malware without the user having to manually edit system files or the Registry. The program also removes the additional system modifications some Malware carries out which are ignored by some standard antivirus scanners.

Trojan Killer scans ALL the files loaded at boot time for Adware, Spyware, Remote Access Trojans, Internet Worms and other malware.
Trojan Killer works in the field of system security to ensure safety for computer systems. We propose products to help you get rid of annoying adware, malware and other rough tools. It is very important to restore control on your computer as soon as possible and do not allow anyone to use your data.

Download :

Download AVG Anti-Virus + Firewall 9.0

AVG Anti-Virus & Firewall 9.0 Surf the web with confidence AVG Anti-Virus & Firewall lets you surf and search the web, download files, chat and social network without worrying that a hacker could get at your personal information or even hijack your computer and take control of it from afar. With AVG Anti-Virus & Firewall, you get all the protection of AVG Anti-Virus with the added benefit of AVG’s newly-enhanced firewall to ensure your digital life is safe from hackers. Plus you get LinkScanner®, the leading protection against dangerous websites, to ensure you don’t accidentally visit harmful websites. It’s faster, smarter security that won’t slow you down. Stay safe from hackers with our new unobtrusive firewall and NEW enhanced phishing protection Enjoy consistently high speed scanning performance with our NEW enhanced virus scanner With AVG Anti-Virus & Firewall you also have access for the first time to AVG Identity Theft Recovery Unit that will help you get your life back in order if you ever become a victim of identity theft – online or offline All this around the clock and around the globe With Serials

Download :

Download Avast! Professional Edition 4.8.1367

avast! 4 Professional Edition is a collection of high-end technologies that work in perfect synergy, having one common goal: to give you the top grade protection against computer viruses. It represents an ideal solution for any Windows-based workstation.
avast! 4 Professional Edition is a complete ICSA certified antivirus software for your company. It obtained VB100% awards in 2002/4 Virus Bulletin comparative reviews.

avast! scans for viruses, worms and Trojans: On Demand - with two User Interfaces, On Access, E-mail, during Boot Time, in File Explorer and Screen Saver. It maintains Virus Chest. Protects E-mail, HTTP, NNTP, ICQ, mIRC, Kazaa etc. True incremental updates based on iAVS technology updates twice a week virus definition file.
avast! Home/Professional now fully supports the 64-bit Windows and Vista platforms.


- Antivirus kernel
- Simple User Interface
- Enhanced User Interface
- Resident protection
- Script Blocker (Professional Edition only
- P2P and IM Shields
- Network Shield
- Web Shield
- Automatic updates
- PUSH updates
- Virus Chest
- System integration
- Command-line scanner
- Integrated Virus Cleaner
- Support for 64-bit Windows / Vista
- Internationalization

*** Antivirus Kernel
New version of avast! antivirus kernel features outstanding detection abilities, together with high performance. You can expect 100% detection of In-the-Wild viruses (the ones what are really spreading amongst people) and very good detection of Trojan horses, all that with only a minimum number of false alarms.
The kernel was certified by ICSA; it frequently takes part in the tests of Virus Bulletin magazine, often yielding the VB100 award.

*** Simple User Interface
Simple User Interface is used to start on-demand scanning, work with the results, change various options etc. Basic resident protection settings can be modified here. Simple User Interface is the main applicationof avast! 4 Home Edition. You can start additional avast! modules from here, such as the Virus Chest, Updater or Log Viewer.

*** Enhanced User Interface
Unlike the Simple User Interface, the scanning is performed by so called "tasks". First, you define a task, including various parameters - areas to scan, what to scan, how to scan, etc. Having the task, you can (possibly repeatedly) run it. Each task generates a list of results; you can work with them later.

*** Resident protection
Resident protection, i.e. the real-time protection of the computer, is one of the most important parts of an antivirus program today. avast! features a powerful resident module that is able to detect the virus before it has any chance to infect your computer.
E-mail protection consists of two independent modules; first, there is a generic scanner working on the SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 protocol level. It is capable of protecting any existing e-mail client that uses these protocols. Second, there is a special plugin for MS Outlook only; it is completely transparent, requiring no special settings.
New feature of version 4 is heuristic analysis of e-mail scanners. It is extremely useful in protecting against new, unknown viruses and worms that are not possible to detect by the usual means. The heuristic module performs a thorough investigation of every e-mail message and watches for suspicious signs that might announce virus presence. When the number of those signs exceeds the user-defined level, the message is considered dangerous and the user is warned.

*** Script Blocker
The resident protection of the Professional Edition includes an additional module, not contained in the Home Edition - Script Blocker. This module watches all the scripts being executed in the operating system (so called WSH scripts - Windows Scripting Host). It also scans all the scripts run as a part of a web page within your web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Mozilla).

*** Automatic updates
Automatic updates are another key point in virus protection. Both the virus database and the program itself can be updated automatically.

*** PUSH updates
A special feature of the Professional Edition are PUSH updates. It is a dramatic change in the philosophy of updates. Usually, every installed program checks every now and then whether a new version is available. PUSH updates, however, are initialized by our server; they result in your computer quickly responding and performing the necessary update. The system is based on the SMTP protocol, i.e. on usual e-mail messages. The updates itself are controlled by the avast! resident e-mail providers (MS Outlook and Internet Mail).

*** Virus Chest
The main properties of the Virus Chest are complete isolation from the rest of the operating system (no outside process, i.e. no virus either, may access the files inside) and the fact that the files inside the Chest may not be run (i.e. there is no danger in storing viruses there).

*** System integration
avast! antivirus features outstanding integration into your system. The scanning can be started directly from Windows Explorer, by clicking a folder or a file with your right mouse button and selecting the corresponding choice from the menu.
Another interesting feature is a special screen-saver that performs scanning for viruses during its run-time. avast! antivirus works together with your favorite screen-saver, so you don't have to change to anything you wouldn't like.
Another new option is the boot-time scan (Windows NT/2000/XP/.NET only). It is important in the case that a virus is suspected to be active on your computer. The boot-time scan is performed before the virus may get activated, so the virus cannot influence the scanning in any way.

*** Command-line scanner
Experienced users may like another Professional Edition feature - command-line scanner. The scanning can be controlled by many arguments and switches; to use as a pipe filter, a special STDIN/STDOUT mode is available.
The module is intended to be used in BATCH programs. Its output is the same as the output from the Enhanced User Interface tasks (including the report files).

Download :

Download AVAST Key Generator

Download :

Download avast! Antivirus Pro & Internet Security 5.0.418 Final

avast! antivirus software provides complete virus protection for your computer. Antivirus engine is complemented by anti-spyware, firewall and antispam modules to protect you against phishing schemes, identity theft and internet-distributed web viruses. Automatic updates for greater user convenience and safety. Top user ratings among free antivirus software. The new avast! Free Antivirus 5.0 includes a spyware detection engine. To protect you from identity theft as well as viruses.

avast! Pro Antivirus - better protection during web surfing. Full-featured antivirus software. Better than our free antivirus, especially for web surfing, but without the firewall and antispam included in avast! Internet Security. Also if you wish to customize your security, this is the recommended software.

Continuous protection against viruses and spyware
Ensures all mails sent and received are clean
Keeps you protected from "chat" infections
Stops attacks from hijacked websites
Lets you safely browse suspicious websites or run unknown applications
Allows safe and uninterrupted gaming
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7
New user interface

Key technologies:
Improved Antivirus and anti-spyware engine
New avast! Intelligent Scanner
New Silent/Gaming Mode
New Behavior Shield
New avast! Sandbox
Smart virus updates
Real time anti-rootkit protection
avast! Community IQ
Behavioral Honeypots
Green computing
avast! iTrack
File System / Mail Shield
Web Shield
IM / P2P Shield
Network Shield
Script Shield

avast! Internet Security 5.0.377 Final

avast! provides a package of applications that aim to protect your computer from a possible virus infection or other malware threat. If you use it correctly, and in combination with other programs such as data backup utilities, it will significantly reduce the risk of your computer being attacked or infected by a virus, and thus the risk of losing important or private data.
The Avast! Internet Security application comes with an antispam filter and built-in firewall. Once installed, avast! runs silently in the background to protect your computer against all known forms of malware. You don't need to do anything else - just install and forget! Active internet users need greater protection for themselves as they shop and bank on-line. To secure against threats from infected web sites and the growing risk of identity theft, avast Internet security provides you with continuous protection from its layers of antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit protection, firewall and antispam.

Real-time shields. The real-time shields are the most important part of the program, as they are working continuously to prevent your computer from becoming infected. They monitor all your computer's activity, checking all programs and files in real-time - i.e. at the moment a program is started or whenever a file is opened or closed.

Virus Chest. The virus chest can be thought of as a folder on your hard disk with special properties, that make it a safe, isolated place for storing potentially harmful files. You can work with the files in the virus chest, with some security restrictions.

avast! antispam filter. avast! Internet Security includes a fully integrated antispam filter to detect unwanted email.
Spam delivered to your mailbox can result in your mailbox quickly becoming full, as a result which, legitimate emails may not be received. It can also unnecessarily increase the load on the email server, internet connection, local networks etc.

Firewall. avast! Internet Security includes a fully integrated firewall which can be controlled directly from the avast! user interface.
The firewall monitors all communication between your computer and the outside world and blocks unauthorized communication based on a number of "allow" and "deny" rules. In this way, the firewall can prevent sensitive data from leaving your computer and can also block attempted intrusions by external hackers

Command-line scanner. The ashCmd program uses the same avast! scanning engine to detect potential malware infections so the results are exactly the same as running a scan via the normal program interface. The avast! command-line scanner, ashCmd.exe, is normally installed in the directory C:Program FilesAlwil Softwareavast5.
A scan is run from the command prompt using various switches and parameters. To see a description of the parameters, locate the ashCmd file and double click on it. This will open a new window in which the various parameters are displayed.

Continuous protection against viruses and spyware
Ensures all mails sent and received are clean
Keeps you protected from "chat" infections
Stops attacks from hijacked websites
Lets you safely browse suspicious websites or run unknown applications
Blocks hacker attacks to protect your identity
Keeps your mailbox free from spam
Allows safe and uninterrupted gaming
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7

Key technologies:
Improved Antivirus and anti-spyware engine
New avast! Sandbox
New Silent Firewall
New Antispam
NewBehavior Shield
New avast! Intelligent Scanner
New Silent/Gaming Mode
Real time anti-rootkit protection
avast! Community IQ
Behavioral Honeypots
Smart virus updates
Green computing
avast! iTrack
File System / Mail Shield
Web Shield
IM / P2P Shield
Network Shield
Script Shield

Download :

Download ESET Smart Security Home/Business Edition v4.2.35.0-32/64bit

ESET Smart Security is a tightly integrated solution designed to protect computers from a range of threats. Built on the award-winning ESET NOD32® Antivirus and its powerful ThreatSense® engine, ESET Smart Security provides antispyware, antispam and customized firewall features. Utilizing ThreatSense ? the industry's most advanced heuristics ? the window of vulnerability between virus outbreak and signature update is reduced.

The key advantage of this approach is that individual protection modules are able to communicate together seamlessly, to create unparalleled synergy to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of protection. Moreover, the integrated architecture guarantees optimal utilization of system resources, so ESET Smart Security continues ESET's well know reputation for providing rock solid security in a small footprint that will not slow down an individual's computer.

Built on the award-winning NOD32 antivirus and antispyware engine, ESET Smart Security stops most new threats proactively, well before other vendors have issued a signature, maximizing your defense against new and unknown threats.
Integrated antispam and personal firewall keeps your online life safe and cleans Internet traffic and email, even when it's SSL-encrypted.
Stops threats from entering through removable devices so you can share files with confidence
Integrated SysInspector and SysRescue simplify system diagnosis and recovery
Self defense prevents malware from degrading your level of protection
Tiny signature updates happen discretely as needed and won't bog down your system

New versions of ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus were released Wednesday, March 10, 2010. ESET Smart Security 4.2 and ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4.2 feature many improvements to version 4.0.

System Requirements:
Processors Supported: Intel or AMD x86-x64
Operating Systems: Windows® 7/Vista/XP/2000
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6 installed (NOTE: Supported by NOD32 Antivirus 4.2 only. Features not supported in NT are self-defense, removable media access control, SysInspector, SysRescue and portable PC support.)
Memory: 44 MB
Disk Space (Download): 28 MB
Disk Space (Installation): 35 MB

List of improvements and new features:

Long filenames can now be used without any issues in Document protection enabled mode
Saved On-demand Scan profile settings can be retained after reinstallation
Logs of On-demand Scans that are being run can be deleted
Scan tasks no longer cease whenever a user is logged in as a standard user, as opposed to a user with administrator rights
The On-Demand Scan log can be deleted in ESET Smart Security
Settings from ESET Smart Security can be imported to ESET NOD32 Antivirus seamlessly
Added support for Opera 10 (path to certificates database has changed)
Improved http address management (mask host/* can be added)

Antivirus and Antispyware:
The HTTP scanner now supports domain names up to 256 characters in length
Antivirus and Antispyware exceptions can be added in quotation marks

ESET Personal Firewall:
Personal firewall in Only scan application protocols mode is fully integrated, presenting no issues after computer restart
ESET Smart Security can be installed with a disabled Personal firewall without bringing up any warnings about trusted networks
ESET Smart Security can be installed remotely with the Personal firewall in Interactive mode
Trusted Zones can be verified by the Authentication Server or a local network
Added special zones
Firewall profiles
Added possibility to push update the Firewall module after a computer restart
New configuration window to exclude an application from the Firewall’s "Protocol filtering" function. It works in TDI and WFP (in WFP it is not possible to exclude applications from filtering)

ESET Thunderbird Extension works seamlessly with Thunderbird spam filter
Fixed automatic removal of encrypted files in Microsoft Outlook Express
Only emails with infected files will be tagged, by default
Suppport for Thunderbird 3
Received and rescanned emails no longer appear twice in Thunderbird offline mode (IMAP)
Sending a file using the right-click function in Microsoft Outlook (POP3, IMAP, Exchange) no longer returns an error

ESET SysInspector:
Support for Microsoft Windows NT4.0, including displaying ESET SysInspector logs in ESET NOD32 Antivirus, in addition to saving and exporting logs
ESET SysInspector logs will be retained when upgrading from version 4.0 to version 4.2 of your ESET security product
Repaired incorrect/random date displayed under "Last successful update" before the first update using the SysRescue CD

Download :

Download Kerio WinRoute Firewall (x86 x64)

Kerio WinRoute Firewall (x86 x64) 74mb

Kerio WinRoute Firewall sets new standards in versatility, security and user access control. Designed for corporate networks, it defends against external attacks and viruses and can restrict access to websites based on their content.

Stateful network firewall
Kerio WinRoute Firewall offers detailed rule definition to perform stateful inspection of all outgoing and incoming Internet traffic. A network rules wizard assists in the rapid setup of the firewall. ..

Fast Internet sharing
Support for DSL, cable modems, ISDN, satellite, dial-up or wireless Internet allows administrators to deploy Kerio WinRoute Firewall in networks of all sizes and in all locations. Users can share one or multiple Internet connections. Read more...

Antivirus protection
Kerio WinRoute Firewall provides optional scanning of inbound and outbound HTTP and FTP traffic for viruses. In addition to a version with integrated McAfee security, there are several other anti-virus options to choose from.

Content and web filtering
In corporate and educational environments, it is often desirable to ban access to websites with offensive or counterproductive content.

Kerio WinRoute Firewall has a built-in content classifier with a categorized database of websites powered by the Cobion Orange Filter Service.

Voice over IP support
Kerio WinRoute Firewall allows H.323 and SIP protocols to run behind it, eliminating the need to publicly expose the VoIP infrastructure to the Internet.

VPN support
Kerio WinRoute Firewall supports NAT traversal for IPSec and PPTP protocols, allowing a variety of third-party VPN solutions to be deployed easily.

UPnP support
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) in Windows enables applications to communicate over the Internet. Kerio WinRoute Firewall integrates UPnP technology so that compliant applications such as MSN Messenger can run instantly without requiring additional configuration at the firewall.

Kerio WinRoute Firewall is a router firewall that is designed for corporate networks.

Protocol inspection
Protocol inspection helps certain applications with proprietary protocols (not originally designed with firewall negotiation in mind) to be used in secured local area networks. Many protocols can be scanned, filtered or modified, thus increasing firewall restrictiveness and reporting capabilities.

Network administration
The administration console can be installed remotely to allow secure configuration from anywhere on the network.

Active Directory integration
Introduced in Windows 2000 Server, Active Directory allows administrators to centrally manage and share information on user accounts and network resources. Transparent support for Active Directory allows Kerio WinRoute Firewall to access user information in real time.

Here are some key features of "Kerio WinRoute Firewall":

· Antivirus control cleans HTTP, FTP, SMTP & POP3 traffic.
· Surf protection prevents users from accessing inappropriate websites.
· One-click Kerio VPN Client securely connects remote workers.
· Transparent proxy cache server speeds up web browsing.
· Forced firewall login allows for stringent user-specific policies for web access.

What's New in This Release:

· fixed possible crash in LDAP
· fixed incompatibility with VPN configured in Routing and Remote Access
· fixed possible deadlock in DNS resolver
· fixed compatibility/performance issues in UPnP
· fixed compatibility issues with Microsoft Virtual Machine
· fixed incorrect handling of static routes on interfaces in Internet group

How to install

1. Run the setup file and install
2. Coy and replace the crack folder files to installation directory.

Download :