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Thursday, April 15, 2010

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Mozilla Firefox - the browser works very quickly, and the speed of apparent not only during loading of Web pages, but when looking at bookmarks and history. Made it through the engine, and Mozilla allows you to view all web pages in one window mnogovkladochnom and also has many other useful options, including the ability to significantly enhance connectivity plug-ins (and released their great number).

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Features of Mozilla Firefox:

"Pop-Up Blocker (born pop-up)
"Tabbed browsing (born tabbed browsing) (multiple pages in one window)
"Built-in search bar in search engines and dictionaries
"The so-called" Live Bookmarks "(born Live bookmarks) - mechanism for integrating RSS-flows
"Ample opportunities for setting up the behavior and appearance
"Support for multiple extensions
"Built-in tools for web developer
"Automatic updates of both the browser and its extensions (version 1.5)
"Display content at once (makes it comfortable to continue surfing even with incomplete page loads, which is particularly noticeable on a slow connection and a large number of embedded objects)
Pop-up Blocker
You will no longer annoying pop-up windows that open when you visit many sites. You can manually specify which sites allow pop-ups, but with what not.
You are spared from the various spyware programs, as well as elements of ActiveX. You can independently control their privacy, flexibility to manage their personal data. The browser allows you to instantly remove the traces of their stay in the network.
Smart Search
Search Bar, located next to the line input allows you to search any data in the global network. You can use multiple search engines.
Live Bookmarks
Support for RSS is built into the browser. Create live bookmarks and keep up with all the latest happenings in the world.
A single repository for the magazine and bookmarks
Add site to bookmark, thanks to the yellow star in the address bar, it is now possible with one click. Manage Bookmarks, and standardized and implemented in a single dialog box. Select the required options become more convenient due to the presence of special groups recently added bookmarks, and most frequently visited websites.
Intellectual Lilly
As soon as you start typing the address immediately a window appears with the tips, where the bold type shows all matches. The window contains a list of previously visited sites. String correctly responds not only to the addresses of sites, but also on their titles, which greatly simplifies and speeds up input. They are displayed in the window with a history of previously opened websites. Even if you do not remember the exact address and name of the resource will tell you the true path.
Quick and easy downloading files
Completely redesigned download manager allows pumps a file after a disconnection. The status bar always shows the number of received files and the approximate time until the download is complete.
Automatic Updates
You no longer need to manually download new versions of the browser as they are released. The system updates automatically download a small patch the size of a few hundred kilobytes, saving you time.
Optimal base composition
Simple, intuitive browser has everything that you may need in everyday life. Bookmarks magazine, full-screen mode, zoom text and much more - all this takes place in Mozilla Firefox.
Mozilla Firefox - the most scalable and flexible customizable browser on the planet. You can customize the toolbar to put additional expansion modules and themes. Like the telescopic fishing-rod, Mozilla Firefox can be converted from a small compact browser amazingly multifunctional tool to explore the World Wide Web.
Developer's best friend
Mozilla Firefox includes a built-in console error notifications on web pages. Additional extensions like Firebug, you can easily develop and debug web pages.

Used extensions: [68]
- AbcTajpu 1.6.7
- Adblock Plus 1.1.3
- Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper 1.0.6
- AddThis 3.0.1
- AniWeather 0.7.4
- Answers 2.3.54
- Auto Copy 1.0.1
- AutoPager
- Better Gmail 2 1.1.1
- Better GReader 0.8.3
- BetterCache 1.24
- Billeo
- ColorfulTabs 4.3
- CoolPreviews 3.0.1
- Copy Link Text 1.4.6
- CuteMenus - Crystal SVG 1.9.3
- CyberSearch 2.0.5
- Dictionary Switcher 1.0.1
- Download Manager Tweak 0.9.2
- Download Statusbar
- DownThemAll! 1.1.9
- Facebook Toolbar 1.4.3
- Favicon Picker 3 0.5
- Feed Sidebar 4.3.1
- Feedly 2.14
- Firefox Showcase
- FireFTP 1.0.7
- FireShot 0.80
- Flagfox 4.0.3
- FoxLingo 2.6.1
- FoxTab 1.3
- Friendbar 4.0.3
- Google Shortcuts 1.9.2
- IMacros for Firefox
- Integrated Gmail 2.5.5
- Creator 0.2.2
- Lazarus: Form Recovery 2.0.5
- Menu Editor 1.2.6
- MR Tech Toolkit 6.0.4
- Multiple Tab Handler (treatment group tabs) 0.5.2010032801
- MultirowBookmarksToolbar 4.9
- NoScript
- Organize Status Bar 0.6.4
- Personal Menu 4.3.2
- Picnik 2.3
- Pixlr Grabber 2.0.3
- Qtl 14.1
- Quick Locale Switcher
- QuickProxy 2009.07.19
- Read It Later 2.0.3
- ReminderFox 1.9.7
- RSS Ticker 3.0.4
- Russian spellchecking dictionary 0.4.3
- ScrapBook 1.3.7
- SearchPreview 4.2
- Secure Login 0.9.3
- StumbleUpon 3.63
- Tab Mix Plus
- Tab Preview 0.3
- Tab Sidebar 2.5
- Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO) 2.0
- TinEye Reverse Image Search 0.7.1
- Update Scanner 3.1.2
- VideoSurf Videos at a Glance 0.71
- Weave Sync 1.1
- WikiLook 2.5.5
- WOT 20091028
- Xmarks 3.5.10

The switching extensions: [1]
- Russian (RU) Language Pack 3.0.10

The total number of extensions: 69

Installed Themes: [1]
- Standard

Installed Plugins: (6)
- Java (TM) Platform SE 6 U10
- Microsoft DRM
- Mozilla Default Plug-in
- Shockwave Flash
- Shockwave for Director
- Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library

Size : 24.2 MB


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Download Windows 7 (Seven) Ultimate Edition Fully Activated

Windows 7 is the easiest, fastest, and most engaging version of Windows yet. Better ways to find and manage files, like Jump Lists and improved taskbar previews, help you speed through everyday tasks. Faster and more reliable performance means your PC just works the way you want it to. And great features like HomeGroup and Windows Touch make new things possible. Get to know Windows 7, and see how it can simplify just about everything you do with your PC.
If you want to run Windows 7 on your PC, here’s what it takes:
*1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
*1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
*16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
*DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

- Download and extract using WinRAR.
- Use NERO to burn the ISO image called “faXcooL.Windows.7.Ultimate.ENG.x86-x64.ACTiVATED”
- Burning speed should not be faster than 4x. Otherwise, it might not work.
- Restart your computer.
- Make sure you’ve seleceted your DVD-ROM/RW drive as a first boot device

Download :

Monday, March 29, 2010

Download 1CLICK DVD Converter

1CLICK DVD Converter 7.55 Mb

1CLICK DVD Converter™ converts DVD movies and episodes quickly and easily to video files for: iPod®, iPhone®, Apple TV®, Archos, Creative Labs Zen, Generic DivX, Microsoft Zune (MPEG-4) and Sony PSP. CPRx™ error correction technology ensures the highest level of success when converting the latest generation of DVDs. You can convert all your favorite DVDs with just one click. Unlike other software with complex settings and multiple steps, 1CLICK DVD Converter™ is easy to use. Movie and episode detection is automatic and doesn't require you to preview or try and guess which files to include. Just click the Start button and return to find your DVD converted.

Key Features:

* CPRx™ technology for converting newer DVD movies.
* Supports many popular video players such as iPod®, PSP and Archos.
* Automatically selects the movie and adjusts the settings for best results.
* Automatically converts episodes to a single file per episode.
* Blazing fast encoding - 3X faster than other types of encoders.
* Supports zoom for wide-screen to full-screen conversion.
* Video preview shows you exactly what the video will look like.
* Quality slider makes quality and file size adjustments easy.
* Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies.
* Convert DVDs movies to DivX® compatible video files.
* Supports subtitle language selection.
* Windows Vista Compatible.
* Free software updates for a year.
* Free technical support.

Download :

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Download Eset Smart Security 4.0

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Eset Smart Security 4.0

Eset Smart Security 4.0
ESET SMART SECURITY 4.0.437 x32 x64 + License updater

Eset Smart Security offers more than just a sum of its parts it is synergy that matters most. If all components are used simultaneously, the effectiveness of the whole program is multiplied. ESET Smart Security unifies all its functions to create a complex security solution.

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Download Eset Smart Security 4.0 x32

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Download Eset Smart Security 4.0 x64

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Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 

Corel DRAW Graphics Suite X5
Corel DRAW Graphics Suite X5 15.0

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 lets you tackle creative graphics and design projects with confidence. Precision tools, market-leading file compatibility and high-quality content help you turn your creative ideas into professional results: from distinctive logos and signs, to striking marketing materials and eye-catching web graphics. Precision tools, market-leading file compatibility and high-quality content help you turn your creative ideas into professional results: from distinctive logos and signs, marketing materials to striking and eye-catching Web graphics.

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Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Rapidshare

Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Megaupload

Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Hotfile

Thursday, March 25, 2010


ComboFix Icon
ComboFix Icon

Combofix | Removes Malware,Spyware...

Combofix is a freeware (a legitimate spyware remover created by sUBs), Combofix was designed to scan a computer for known malware, spyware (SurfSideKick, QooLogic, and Look2Me as well as any other combination of the mentioned spyware applications) and remove them.
ComboFix allows the manual removal of spyware infections . It 's a specialized effective cleaning tool, which is useful compared to other malware and spyware removers.
After Combofix finished,a report will be created. You can use this report to search and remove infections which are not automatically removed.


Download WinStep Xtreme 8

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WinStep Xtreme 8

WinStep Xtreme 8
WinStep Xtreme 8.11

WinStep Xtreme An integrated workspace environment, Winstep Xtreme is a powerful suite of applications that merge incredible usability and performance with breathtaking eye candy.Transforms your desktop Lets you have a desktop that becomes the envy of whoever looks at it? everybody loves a pretty face!Organizes your Applications and Reduces Desktop ClutterWinstep Xtreme allows you to eliminate the huge clutter from your desktop and quickly organize the applications and documents you use more frequently.

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Download WinStep Xtreme 8

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Download Visual Task Tips 3.4

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Task Tips 3.4

Visual Task Tips 3.4
Visual Task Tips v 3.4

Visual Task Tips is a lightweight shell enhancement utility. It provides thumbnail preview image for each task in the Windows Taskbar, as seen in the upcoming Microsoft Windows Vista.

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Direct Download

Download From Rapidshare